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    CapSure is an innovator in the Visitor and Identification Management marketplace. Since 2001 the company has been dedicated to providing best in class solutions for identifying, credentialing, and tracking the general public. The flagship product suite CapSure EnterpriseTM, CapSure CommunityTM, and CapSure MobileTM are the products of thousands of man-hours of research and development, the upfront involvement of global security personnel, and input from leading industry access control providers. The first version was released in 2002 and has processed over 1 million transactions through its software. CapSure provides all of the tools needed to streamline the admittance process while maintaining optimum security by integrating features like driver’s license scanning, visitor and contractor vehicle tracking, voicemail recognition, visitor pass printing and web based access control. CapSure also gives users/employees the ability to manage their own visitor lists and privileges via the web.

    Developed in the Microsoft .net environment, CapSureĀ is a robust, scalable, user friendly visitor management program that is applicable to communities with single family homes as well as high rise complexes. CapSure provides communities and corporations with the tools necessary to accurately and dependably schedule and process visitors through busy entry points with detailed historical tracking.

    CapSure offers onsite solutions as well as software as a service (SaaS) visitor processing offerings, hosted in our secure data center. CapSure has achieved significant acclaim in the security industry and has established strategic partnerships with industry leaders. CapSure’s customer base includes premier Fortune 500 accounts as well as secure communities and is sold through strategic distribution partners with a local presence.