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  • Access Control

    Access Control, SAAS, Delegation, Site Filtering
    Internet access allows you to manage access control from any web enabled computer, no need to use a specific computer to add, modify, or delete users, or change privilege levels. CapSure’s web based access control allows you to log in from any computer anywhere.

    Software as a Service protects your investment in technology and reduces your overall cost of ownership. SaaS allows you to budget for ongoing monthly service and be assured that your software never becomes obsolete.

    • Hosted solution allows you to make changes in real time 24/7. Need to deactivate a credential due to an employee leaving; changes are made at anytime from anywhere
    • Software is hosted in a secure data center with multiple levels of protection to ensure you that your software is safe and secure. Data is stored redundantly and backed up off site
    • Software and infrastructure is managed by trained IT professionals
    • Data is encrypted during transmission and while stored
    • Administrative privileges can be established for system wide changes, departments, and installers

    Any user can create a delegate in the system so that they can schedule visitors for other employees or departments. If an employee is not designated as a delegate then that employee only has rights in the system to schedule visitors for themselves.

    Multi-Site Filtering
    Multi‐Site Filtering

      Site Filtering serves many useful purposes :

    • Customized Reports :
    • Administrators can view visitor activity by a specific entry point and sort by date and time. Export reports to Excel for additional sorting and diagnostic purposes.

      Site Filtering allows an entity to process visitors at multiple entry points, and segregates the visitors so that security personnel only see the visitors that are expected at their entry point. The business entity is able to share a common database for inclusion of employee data and reporting.

    • Reduced Visitor processing time :
    • Security officers only view the visitors expected at their post, and no other entries. This reduces screen clutter and processing time.

    • Uniformity :
    • CapSure’s visitor processing screens at various entry points are configured identically. Each visitor-processing computer uses the same visitor types, rules, and parameters. The only difference is filtered data.

    • Note :
    • If a unique configuration at each security post is desired, then separate databases must be established for each location. Visitor processing screens must be identical with Site Filtering.