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5 Tips for Better Community or HOA Security

A good security plan is imperative for a safe community. However, coming up with a security plan that works takes thought and planning to put into action. Check out these five tips to help you create great security measures.

Give Your Community a Clear Vision of the Security Plan

Build your security plan from the bottom up with a clear vision in mind. It’s easy to start hastily implementing new measures after a security issue. However, as this continues, your security fractures. Decisions are made and implemented without considering if they are really the right option or what the cost benefit might be. Whenever implementing a new measure, ensure it fits in with your overall plan.

Use Third Party Security Providers

Never use community members to provide security services. When you use a community member, it’s a conflict of interest and can result in major problems later on with other residents. Using third party security providers protects yourself as well as your community as a whole.

Conduct a Security Audit

You can’t create a functional security plan without an audit or assessment. An assessment allows you to see exactly what your security threats are. Without a proper assessment, you might not be successfully stopping security threats. Conduct an audit and use it to develop your security structure.

Use Smart Security Measures

Smart security measures are measures that actually protect residents. Other security measures impose a false sense of security. A closed-circuit TV can be either. When monitored on a regular basis, it is smart; however, if it is left unmonitored, it is useless and only makes your residents feel a false sense of safety.

Implement the Right Measures

If you conduct a good security audit and have a clear security plan, you should be able to implement the right actions with ease. However, without these two factors, communities tend to implement wrong measures, much like trying to mend a life-threatening wound with a Band-Aid. For example, if you want both security guards and cameras but have limited money, choose one instead of trying to hire inexpensive guards and buying cheap cameras.

Security is important, but it only works when done properly. Keep your plan in mind with every decision you make, and take the time to think measures though before implementing them.

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