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CapSure Logistics

CapSure announces its latest addition to the product line with CapSure Logistics using the new MobileDemand tablet PC. CapSure Logistics provides distribution centers with an easy way to manage entering and exiting vehicle traffic. Logistics allows the user to capture details regarding vehicle identification such as license tag, driver, seal #, and even take pictures of all aspects of the transaction.  CapSure Logistics is part of the CapSure visitor management solution and is seamlessly integrated into lobby visitor management and integrated access control.

Logistics allows the facility to create a permanent record of the transaction which is stored and retrievable by adminstrators as supporting documentation for a security breach. For example, a picture of the vehicle leaving the facility with an intact trailer seal often serves as proof that the cargo was untampered with at the time of departure.

CapSure Logistics allows facility employees to either schedule arriving cargo for rapid clearance by the entry point, or allow the entry to process the transaction all at once.

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