CapSure - CapSure's web based software manages people and vehicle access for secure facilities and communities

CapSure Releases Version 5.2

CapSure is currently installing its latest release of software; version 5.2. The new version enhances the user experience with helpful tools such as:

  • Import visitor lists: useful for parties, T-Times, Events
  • Recurring Visitor List: Schedule visitor to appear certain days of the week, on a recurring basis.
  • Color coded visitor types: Now it’s easy for security personnel to tell at a glance what type of visitor someone is. Each visitor type can be color coded for easy distinction.
  • Mobile scheduling for SmartPhones: No need to download an app to allow you to easily schedule visitors. Simple access your site from your smartphone, and the system will take you to mobile scheduling.
  • Phone and Email priority: Each user can designate the priority order of phone numbers and email address for security and admin to reach them by. Phone and email address contain the apporpriate user’s name in case there are multiple members of a household that need to be contacted.
  • Grid tools: A new grid tool has been added to allow users to sort, reorganize, and add/remove columns to their page views.

In addition, the CapSure database has been further optimized to allow for even faster searches and reporting than ever before.

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