CapSure - CapSure's web based software manages people and vehicle access for secure facilities and communities

Emergency Situations

After hours emergencies are managed according to the Service Level Agreement between CapSure and your organization.

System emergencies are generally considered to be one of the following:

You cannot log in to process visitors. You have verified that the internet is working, you have proper login credentials, and you are using the proper case (not CAPS Lock) to enter your credentials.


Your Access Control is malfunctioning. Be sure to determine that this is a CapSure issue. CapSure may not have provided your gates, readers, and other technology. Therefore, your access control vendor may be responsible.

                    Contact CapSure if:

  • CapSure generated barcodes are not working.
  • Newly activated credentials are not working. Though this is generally to be a non-emergency and will be handled during business hours.

                  Contact your access control vendor if:

  • CapSure software is working properly and you can edit the access control credential in CapSure
  • Your gate operators are stuck in an open or closed position

Your voice mail is not working

Other support issues

  • If you cannot get to the internet, then CapSure will not function. Make certain your internet connection is working properly.
  • Pass or badge printing.  be certain that CapSure provided provided the printers. If so, then this is generally considered a non-emergency. Your IT support person may be responsible for supporting your printers.
  • If your web browser is diplaying the CapSure web portal in a distorted fashion, then you may need be sure you are using a compatible browser.


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