CapSure - CapSure's web based software manages people and vehicle access for secure facilities and communities

Mobile Security

CapSure has added a Tablet PC to its product line for managing physical access to properties. Used to process residents to communities, trucks to distribution centers, and visitors to any type of faciltiy, CapSure Mobile is an impressive way to speed up access to secure properties. The tablet consists of a docking station with constantly recharging hot swappable batteries, a touch screen monitor on the tablet, a touch screen while docked, and a driver’s license scanner.

CapSure’s tablet is ruggedized for outdoor use.  And, the tablet includes a built in camera to allow security to take photos of security incidents, damaged property, damaged shipments, or pictures of visitors.

CapSure’s tablet is in use at several of the nation’s leading retail distribution centers and food purveyors and is used to process hundreds of transactions per day in each facility.

CapSure screens can be customized to suit your needs. Distribution facilties can capture information on entering/exiting trucks including seal #, tag, trailer number, driver information, and much more. The same system can be used to process visitors to the site and gather only the information required.

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