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The Doormat that Turns On the TV

Would you have use for a doormat that could turn your lights on before you even enter the house? Or, would you like a text to notify you that the kids are home? Maybe, you’d enjoy a text to let you know when a package has arrived. Right now on Kickstarter, there’s a pledge drive for a new product called SmartMat, which does all that and more. If SmartMat is an indication of things to come, it is part of a wave of new technology. This technology will change how you interact with electronics around your house and will also help make the community more secure.

Just What Does SmartMat Do?

SmartMat is a piece of pressure sensitive smart-foam that sends out pre-programmed signals via wifi when different levels of pressure are put on it. It can be set to activate or deactivate electronics, or to send out a text message when different levels of pressure are applied. The sensors can determine, by the amount of pressure applied to them, whether the person on it is an adult, child, pet, or even if it is a package or other non-human item. It can then perform customized actions in response.

Though its name implies it is just a doormat, SmartMat’s use isn’t limited to just being put outside the door. It can be placed anywhere where its user wants a pressure-sensitive action or message to be triggered. This includes mundane tasks like being put under the couch cushions to turn on the TV, to more serious purposes like being used to sense when a child goes somewhere dangerous or off-limits.

SmartMat in the Community

While at first glance, SmartMat may seem like the ultimate frivolous luxury item, it is actually a piece of equipment that could cause serious positive changes in home and community security. By allowing caretakers to remotely monitor the actions of kids, the elderly, or the disabled and track when someone is entering a home, SmartMat, and technologies like it, have the potential to help homeowners monitor their homes like never before. Even a simple function like turning the lights on when an adult steps on the doormat can be used to ward off intruders or people lurking around the house.

Regardless of whether or not the SmartMat Kickstarter achieves its funding goal, the fact that the technology exists is indicative of serious changes. This new technology will allow us to interact with our homes, and that technology can help residents keep an eye on the safety of their community even when they are away.


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