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    Use CapSure software to schedule, process, and report on visitor access to corporate lobbies, and professional buildings. CapSure’s visitor management is 100% web based, to allow authorized users to schedule visitors in advance, and receive electronic notification of their arrival.

    Our visitor registration software provides peace of mind to employees, tenants, and property managers while making visitor access control management easier for security and administrative staff. CapSure visitor management software delivers impressive benefits while enhancing the building’s image. CapSure allows for rapid visitor processing, and the use of PCs or tablets make it even easier for security personnel to manage traffic at any point of entry. Smart phone tools, web access, and integration to web based access control all add up to the friendliest, most advanced system available. CapSure’s Software as a Service makes it easy for even the most budget conscious companies to take advantage of all we have to offer.

    CapSure software provides all of the tools necessary to control access to government buildings, property, and other secure sites.

    Common issues associated with government facilities which are often multi-site are disparate legacy PACS, authentication of employees, contractors, visitors, managing access levels, and system integration. Meet these challenges with integration solutions from CapSure.

    CapSure’s robust physical access control solution will bring together all of your access control challenges in one easy-to-use software program. Perception is important, and people need to feel that the facility is safe and secure. CapSure does just that. Agencies realize cost savings through our cloud based hosted solutions and ensure privacy through encryption technology. Self-serve kiosks reduce costly man-hours by facilitating visitor, contractor, and employee access, thereby freeing up security personnel for other duties.

    CapSure visitor management and access control software helps control visitor, contractor, and employee access to secure facilities. CapSure is a leader in the visitor management industry providing software to communities, Fortune 500 customers, data centers, health care, education, and many other industries.

    CapSure Tools:

    CapSure is easy to install and set up:

    • You only need a PC, Laptop, or Tablet and Internet
    • Web based platform allows administration and reporting from any PC
    • Software can serve a single location or an entire company with multiple branches and offices
    • Phone and email support, 24/7

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