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  • Human Resources, Risk Management and Compliance

    Many organizations require visitors and contractors to comply with onsite safety rules and regulations. CapSure helps you manage this process by allowing you to store videos, powerpoints, etc., and require their viewing upon sign in. If you replace the current documents with new ones, repeat visitors and contractors are then required to comply with the new content. CapSure helps keep you in compliance.
    Organizations with sensitive and secret information often require visitors to sign an NDA before entering the premises. CapSure helps you manage this process upon check in. And, CapSure keeps up with current and expired documents. Past visitors who have signed an older version are prompted to approve the newer version when they arrive.
    Kiosk facilitates check in by visitors and contractors. Allows viewing of company media, NDA signing, and other transactions during check in process.
    • Asset Tracking monitors equipment arriving and leaving with visitors and contractors.
    • Multiple visitor types and visitor rules can be created for varying degrees of compliance.
    • Generate standard and custom reports.
    • Administrative privilege levels allow you to manage your compliance documents and videos.
    • Custom Dashboard view of critical tasks and reports.
    • Manage Contractor and Organization Vendor profiles.
    • Employees can select delegates who can schedule their visitors.
    • Network Security Integration ensures that only valid users can log into system. Allows for single sign on.
    Security Directors Appreciate Check In/Out and access control integration. Know who is on site at all times. Learn more
    Security personnel appreciate the mobility and ease of use provided by Capsure. Learn more
    IT and System Administrators appreciate Network Security Integration: Integrate CapSure into your own database to provide single sign on for your users. No need to maintain multiple databases. Learn more