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  • IT Personnel

    Single Sign On allows integration to your corporate network. No need to manage multiple databases of employees and privilege levels. Employees logged into their computers can have access to manage and schedule visitors without additional authentication. Terminated employees are automatically removed from the system.
    Kiosk makes it to manage corporate compliance documents and other media. No need to manage and maintain a separate system to help security personnel clear visitors and contractors.
    Mobility through integration to windows enabled tablets and PDAs makes it easy to maintain updates of the program.
    Software as a Service and other maintenance plans ensure your organization of always being up to date with the latest version of CapSure.
    • Network printing allows you to set up multiple printers across the network for badges and passes. For example, auto passes can be printed at the guarded auto entry, while generating a badge in the lobby.
    • Driver’s License Scanning captures as much or as little information as you need, ensuring accurate entries.
    • Integration with access control and/or CCTV makes it easy to manage and maintain transactions. No more searching multiple databases and cross checking information.
    • Super Admin and Admin allow you to determine who can make system wide changes or just user specific changes.
    • Integrated text and email notification makes it easy to notify hosts of arriving visitors.
    HR appreciates the Compliance Module which allows you to make sure that your visitors are in safety compliance, have watched a video, powerpoint, or sign an NDA. Learn more
    Security Directors Appreciate Check In/Out and access control integration. Know who is on site at all times. Learn more
    Security personnel appreciate the mobility and ease of use provided by Capsure. Learn more