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  • Security Director Benefits

    Use any internet browser to manage profile, visitors, and review activity. Log in from any internet enabled computer including tablets and ipads.
    CapSure can be integrated to access control and/or barcode readers and other access devices. Integration allows you to monitor the entry and egress of all personnel including visitors and contractors. Access Control tracking can even tell you where in the building you can find a particular person.
    CCTV integration matches the access control event to the video. No more searching endless hours of video to find a transaction.
    Scan driver’s licenses for faster visitor processing and more accurate information. Heighten the awareness of security by capturing full identity information. Process dvirer’s, other passengers, and all visitors.
    • Schedule Visitors to meet at an alternate destination.
    • Maintain Permanent Visitor list.
    • Maintain individual and company wide watch list.
    • Integration to 3rd party watch list services.
    • Maintain employee automobile information.
    • Post messages for security such as Vacation Notice, or Lost Purse.
    • Use Visitor Management to track personal and company assets as they arrive and leave the premises. Track, laptops, cameras, etc.
    • Automatic notification to employees of visitor arrival. No more calling multiple numbers to find the host. Employees can receive email, text, or both notifications.
    • Compliance module makes certain that visitors and contractors have watched a video, viewed a powerpoint, signed an NDA, or all of the above.
    • Manufacturing & Distribution allows you to track details about trucks and trailers entering and leaving your facility. Online system allows for easy reporting.
    • Online Incident tracking. Use to track violations, take photos, and generate reports.
      Online Help videos and manual.
    HR appreciates the Compliance Module which allows you to make sure that your visitors are in safety compliance, have watched a video, powerpoint, or sign an NDA. Learn more
    Security personnel appreciate the mobility and ease of use provided by Capsure. Learn more
    IT and System Administrators appreciate Network Security Integration: Integrate CapSure into your own database to provide single sign on for your users. No need to maintain multiple databases. Learn more