CapSure - CapSure's web based software manages people and vehicle access for secure facilities and communities

Residential Communities

CapSure, visitor management and access control software is a fully Web-based solution for gated residential communities and condominiums, providing peace of mind to residents while making access control management easier for security and administrative staff.

Visitor Management and Access Control for guarded
and gated communities

CapSure allows for rapid visitor processing, allows the use of PCs and/or tablets making it even easier for security personnel to manage traffic at the point of entry. Resident smart phone tools, voice mail authorization, web access, and integration to web based access control all add up to the friendliest yet most advanced system available. CapSure’s Software as a Service makes it easy for even the most budget conscious communities to take advantage of all we have to offer.

Property Managers appreciate the fact that CapSure can be accessed from any internet browser. Learn more
Residents love the fact that CapSure offers multiple ways to interact with the program. Learn more
Security personnel appreciate the mobility provided by Capsure.
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CapSure can lower property owner association expenses and even generate revenue. Learn more

Practical Applications

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