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    CapSure Visitor Management and Access Control systems are state of the art and 100% web based. Our software is the ideal solution for gated, guarded, and multi-tenant communities. We provide all the same features as CapSure Commercial software, along with property management specific tools that make daily life of residents, property managers, and security personnel easier and efficient.

    Resident Functions

    Includes complete profile management for all residents to maintain information about occupants, visitors, pets, schools, and more. Residents can choose how much information others view. Other functions include community resources, photo database, event management, and visitor lists. The Quick Task feature allows residents to authorize visitors directly from their web browser.

    Key Management

    This allows property managers, residents, and owners to authorize who has access to keys. Keep track of who has a key, and ensure keys are returned as scheduled. The search feature allows you to know who is currently in possession of, or will be picking up, a key to the property.

    Rental Unit Access Control

    This feature allows renters in a community access to a profile of a property, as well as the manager/owner. This is also a useful feature for absentee owners who need to grant profile access to management and leasing companies.


    Sex Offender Registry

    CapSure teamed with DataDriver to provide an extensive database of over 300 million records in more than 540 jurisdictions. Conduct a real-time search to reveal results within seconds.

    CapSure allows property managers to manage residents, visitors, contractors, and access control from any computer with internet access.

    Managers with responsibility for more than one property have complete web based administrative privileges.

    CapSure makes it easy to manage visitor access not only to multiple tenants in the same building, but also to multiple buildings spread across a wide geography. Web based tools make this possible and provide logins for all approved personnel.

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