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  • Homeowner and Property Owner Associations

    In these budget conscious times, HOAs appreciate the fact that CapSure can be provided as Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS lowers the capital investment in new software and assures the community of always having the most up to date program available.
    Kiosks can be provided at remote, unmanned entries to reduce labor hours. Kiosks are often used on the night shifts at less busy entries. Try our ROI calculator to see your savings from a kiosk in your community. Kiosk allows security at a remote entry to process visitors at an unmanned entry.
    Generate revenue through the sale of contractor credentials and daily passes. CapSure allows you to set tolls for entry for various types of vehicles and generates audit reports. Revenue generation can help pay for roads, security, and other amenities. CapSure even helps allocate revenue to community associations, or bill associations for various access control tasks undertaken by the HOA.
    Happier Residents through increased perception of security.
    Happier Security personnel through integrated systems. Integration means less data entry. Integrate to property management, access control, and others. Easier to perform lookups.
    Happier management through integrated databases, reporting, and ease of use
    Property Managers appreciate the fact that CapSure can be accessed from any internet browser. Learn more
    Residents love the fact that CapSure offers multiple ways to interact with the program. Learn more
    Security personnel appreciate the mobility provided by Capsure. Learn more