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    Customization and Security (Integrity and Dynamic Fields)

    Data input into the CapSure Visitor Management and Access Control software is 100% secure. Information input into the system is encrypted and cannot be accessed by any attempts from an outside party. The CapSure system uses SSL technology, which is a cryptographic system in the form of two keys that encrypt data. This results in a secure site with HTTPS connection. The CapSure datacenter is a secure facility with extensive security points to pass through in order to gain access to the servers. The datacenter is SAS-70 compliant with a wide range of security related regulations.

    Custom Fields can be used within the visitor management software to collect more information from a particular visitor type or when going to a particular destination. For example, it may be necessary to collect insurance information for contractors or vendors coming on site. Custom Fields are completely configurable to meet your needs and can be in the form of a textbox or dropdown list. When visitors are checked out, the Custom Field can be applied to the departure transaction in order to collect specific information on the outbound. When a visitor returns, it’s possible to populate the Custom Fields with the information collected on the previous transaction. All custom fields have an option to be mandatory so that the information is required in order to complete a transaction.

    Use Dynamic Fields to tailor the access control system with more commonly used terminology and words. Editing a dynamic term to a more user friendly term will change that word throughout all facets of the program including the visitor-processing client, transaction log, and all reports. This allows administrators and system users to understand associated terms more quickly thus improving administrative efficiency.