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    CapSure provides a secure environment with web based software to manage one school, or an entire school district.

    Security scans include sex offenders, terrorists, and criminal background check for both state and national databases. Maintain specialized lists such as expelled students, unwanted patient visitors, or create a watch list for denied access.

    CapSure’s partnership with DataDiver provides you with the best of both worlds.

    The DataDiver database contains over 300 million records in over 540 jurisdictions. The database is updated on a daily basis. CapSure’s real time search returns results in seconds.

    CapSure tools:

    • Scan US and International Licenses
    • Print badges with an expiration date and picture of the visitor
    • Pictures may come from the license
    • Or, using a web cam
    • Alert hosts via text or email that a visitor has arrived to see them
    • Alert parents that someone has arrived to visit or pickup their child
    • Build your own watch list
    • Restraining orders
    • Gang members
    • Suspended or expelled students
    • Integration to building access control system
    • Integration to CCTV
    • Pre-scheduling of visitors
    • Self-Serve kiosks
    • Check In/Check Out (who’s on site reports)

    Patient Security, Safety, and Confidentiality are necessary in today’s environment to meet all regulatory requirements. CapSure’s visitor management helps process visitors to patient rooms and other visiting areas. CapSure retains a record of who is on site, when they arrived, and whom they’re going to visit. Badges create visibility and awareness of authorized versus unauthorized visitors.

    The appropriate technology is necessary to meet all of the regulatory requirements for today’s Hospital and other Health Care Providers. Often it’s not just one building to safeguard, as hospitals and health systems are spread over multiple sites, facilities, and a diverse geographical area.

    CapSure’s Visitor Management Software for Hospitals & other Health Care Providers establishes defined processes, zones, and visibility of visitors, contractors, and vendors entering the premises. Tools include everything from badging software for employees, doctors, and permanent contractors, to temporary badging and access control for vendors and visitors.

    CapSure ensures patient safety, building security, and provides tools that aid in the investigative process in the case of a security breach.

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