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    CapSure’s 100% web based software for Transportation Management, integrated with our state of the art Visitor Management System, keeps manufacturing and distribution centers running smoothly.

    Accomplish everything through one simple program. Our system eliminates the need for lengthy paper trails and duplicate forms, and can be used to manage one or many brick and mortar locations. Easily track and process vehicles in and out, schedule and control visitor access, and create reports viewable throughout authorized departments on CapSure’s web interface.

    One CapSure form can generate any number of customizable reports as needed. Never re-enter the same information twice. All fields are customizable to your specific needs…enter as much or as little information as you require. Administrators have the ability to generate countless reports detailing visitors, gate statistics, shipments filtered by specific date range, or create a special custom report with the Custom Report Generator, and so much more. Administrators can also assign who has authorization to view specific reports.

    CapSure’s portable and weather resistant tablet allows you to record or process all the necessary information at the point of acquisition or distribution. Authorized personnel can schedule arriving shipments in advance from virtually any internet browser capable device. Our tablets are Wi-Fi or broadband signal operated, but will also function in a “standalone” mode. It will synchronize with the server once in range to ensure you never lose any vital information. All tablets are equipped with a high quality camera for documenting specific features, such as a license plate or trailer tag.

    When in its docking station, use the tablet with any standard mouse, monitor, and keyboard. Or simply use the tablet screen as a monitor while in the docking station. The dock supports printers, driver’s license scanners, and other necessary peripherals.

    The  ROI calculator  will walk you through the benefits of CapSure Logistics. This handy tool will help you determine your savings by showing you how to:

    • Reduce the time it takes to check trucks and trailers in and out of your facility
    • Reduce the time it takes to run reports on transactions
    • Reduce the paper cost of the forms used to track trucks and trailers
    • Reduce Demurrage and Detention Costs

    The calculator will also provide you with a real time estimate of the cost of using CapSure Logistics as Software as a Service to reduce your cost or ownership. CapSure Logistics in conjunction with CapSure Visitor Management gives you an end-to-end solution to manage access to your property.

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