CapSure - CapSure's web based software manages people and vehicle access for secure facilities and communities

Manufacturing & Distribution

CapSure provides software and a Tablet that eliminates the paper and clipboards used to process trucks and trailers into manufacturing and distribution centers, and makes all of the information available to authorized departments and users through a web interface.

CapSure transportation management system allows for easy tracking of trucks and trailers out of busy manufacturing and distribution centers. Used by some of the nation’s busiest centers, CapSure quickly processes vehicles into and out of the points of entry and provides easily accessed web based reporting.

Mobility makes it easy for personnel to scan driver’s licenses and record all of the details necessary about an inbound or outbound shipment. Learn more

Detailed and customizable fields within the transportation management system allow you to capture all of the required information about a particular arrival or departure. Learn more

ROI Calculator allows you to determine how much you spend on paper, storage, demurrage, detention, etc. Compare to CapSure. Learn more

Integrating the Transportation Management System into Visitor Management allows you to have one program for checking trucks and trailers, as well as visitors and contractors. Learn more