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  • Mobility

    Checking in trucks and trailers requires the capture of a great deal of information. Everything from driver information to tag, seal, and other critical data. Mobility allows you to walk around the vehicle recording details including pictures and posting them to a web based transaction record. No more paper.
    Driver’s license scanning allows the check in post to easily record the details from any driver’s license for permanent record keeping. No need to continue to scan licenses for repeat driver’s as the image is returned to the screen upon search.
    Tablets contain a high quality camera to allow you take photos of particular aspects of a shipment. And, required photos can be specific field names such as ‘trailer tag’. Photos are saved the truck check in/out transaction.
    • Tablets can operate on WiFi or Cellular broadband signals
    • Tablets can be configured to operate in a standalone mode, and then synchronize with the server when in range.
    • Docking station allows the tablet to be used with a standard keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Or the high quality Tablet screen can be used as monitor in the dock.
    • Docking station accommodates printers, DL scanner, barcode reader and other peripherals.
    • Tablet can be equipped with barcode reader or RFID reader to make it quicker and easier to check in/out vehicles.
    • Check out process allows you to match the incoming transaction with the outgoing. One transaction record is created.
    Detailed and customizable fields allow you capture all of the required information about a particular arrival or departure. Learn more
    ROI Calculator allows you to determine how much you spend on paper, storage, demurrage, detention, etc. Compare to CapSure. Learn more
    Integration to Visitor Management allows you to have one program for checking and trucks and trailers as well as visitors and contractors. Learn more