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  • Transaction Detail

    Capture as much or as little information as you need about a shipment, truck, trailer, or driver. Fields are customizable to your site. And, fields may be text boxes, drop downs, or label fields. The answer to one question can spawn a new set of questions or pop up for additional information.
    CapSure eliminates the paper process. No more duplicate forms containing much of the same information. All data is entered into data fields and can be used to generate reports as needed.
    Portability allows you to walk around the vehicle to gather your information. Tablets are durable, rugged, rain proof, and work in direct sunlight. No need to write down specifics and then return to PC to enter information.
    • Arriving shipments can be scheduled in advance from any PC or processed as they arrive.
    • Dock assignments can be pre-arranged or handled up arrival.
    • Text or emails to specific people can automatically be generated based on shipment arrival.
    • A detailed record of the shipment is permanently stored. Information includes:
      • Who scheduled
      • Who processed the vehicle(s) in/out.
      • What entry point
      • Time of day, date
      • All custom field data required for collection
      • Driver Details including photos
      • Shipment details, carrier, etc.
      • Reporting by Facility
      • Bob tail information
      • Photos taken with tablet
    • Signature capture ensures that the driver agrees with your data entry
    • Online Help videos and manual
    Mobility makes it easy for personnel to scan driver's licenses and record all of the details necessary about an inbound or outbound shipment. Learn more
    ROI Calculator allows you to determine how much you spend on paper, storage, demurrage, detention, etc. Compare to CapSure. Learn more
    Integration to Visitor Management allows you to have one program for checking and trucks and trailers as well as visitors and contractors. Learn more