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  • CapSure Logistics

    Transportation Management and Loss Prevention Solutions for Your Business

    CapSure Logistics delivers innovative transportation management systems to secure facilities and provide officers with the most advanced tools to identify, track and credential site traffic, while preventing loss and saving time with full roaming patrol database access.

    Key Benefits

    • Reduce Errors and Prevent Loss
    • Comprehensively Manage Truck, Trailer and Driver Data
    • Meet Federal, State and Company Transportation Guidelines
    • High Volume Inbound and Outbound Vehicle Processing
    • Increase Security with Real Time Entry Logs and Updates

    “I’m sure every property presents a different set of challenges and what I appreciated about working with CapSure was their ability to customize the installation and implementation processes to make sure their product worked the way we needed it to.”

    Jim McClarnon, Director of Security
    Glen Oaks, Iowa



    • Tablets for Roaming Patrol
    • Process Inbound/Outbound Vehicles
    • Criminal & Internal Watch Lists
    • Credential Vehicles and Personnel
    • Pre-register trucks and visitors
    • Alert Notifications
    • Print Vehicle and Guest Passes
    • Scan Licenses and Passports
    • Attach photos, contracts & documents
    • Scan Barcodes and Proximity Cards
    • Scan RFID Cards*


    • Customizable Point Inspections
    • Site Filtering for Security Personnel
    • Live Event Viewer*


    • Comprehensive Analytics and Reports
    • Visitor, Incident and Security Logs
    • Extensive Transaction Log
    • Officer Login Report

    *Requires Access Control Integration


    Smart Destination Yard Management

    Tie inbound transactions to a smart destination upon arrival. Administrators and security personnel will see the smart destination as “In Use” until an outbound transaction takes place.


    Driver’s License & Passport Scanning

    Process personnel with our driver’s license and passport scanning application. Officers can check trucks and driver's in and out quickly without the constraints of a physical docking station.


    Alert Notifications

    Pre-schedule alerts - such as arrival and departure of assets, or arrival of someone on the watch list- and receive notifications upon successful completion or when the activity doesn’t happen when scheduled.

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