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    Mobility and Tablets

    Mobility and Tablets

    Mobility and Passenger Processing (Mobility and Tablets)

    Give your security personnel the gift of mobility. CapSure uses the Motion F5 Tablet to provide the same functions for processing visitors as a full PC. Patrol officers can look up profiles, vehicle information, phone numbers, etc. They have access to the complete CapSure database, and can quickly scan barcodes to validate visitors, employees, or vendors. Record security violations with ease, and create documentation through pictures, as well.

    CapSure makes it fast and easy to process visitors and residents. Rugged and durable, this handheld provides all of the functionality for processing visitors as a full PC.

    • Use the handheld during busy times at the gate for mobile visitor processing. A second security officer can step outside of the guardhouse and process visitors by walking down the line of cars.
    • Use the handheld to process contractors and vendors at a remote location.
    • Pictures stored in the CapSure database allow the user to match a barcode to the proper owner. Reading a valid barcode will display the associated pictures of the resident, employee, family members, and/or contractors.
    • The CapSure handheld with the Roaming Patrol option allows patrol officers to record security incidents directly into the handheld device.
    • Roaming Patrol function also provides lookup capabilities on visitors, vehicles, phone numbers, and other information in the CapSure database.

    Checking in trucks and trailers requires the capture of a great deal of information; everything from driver information to tag, seal, and other critical data. Mobility allows you to walk around the vehicle recording details including pictures and posting them to a web based transaction record.

    Authorized personnel can schedule arriving shipments in advance from virtually any internet browser capable device. Tablets are Wi-Fi or broadband signal operated, but will also function in a “standalone” mode. It will synchronize with the server once in range to ensure you never lose any vital information. All tablets are equipped with a high quality camera for documenting specific features, such as a license plate or trailer tag.

    Use with any standard mouse, monitor, and keyboard when the tablet is in its docking station. Simply use the tablet screen as a monitor while in the docking station. The dock supports printers, driver’s license scanners, and other necessary peripherals.