CapSure - CapSure's web based software manages people and vehicle access for secure facilities and communities

Multi Tenant

CapSure visitor management software manages access to tenants within a single building or spread across multiple buildings. Securely track and record details about visitors, contractors, and vendors. Integration to access control provides an easy way to know who is on site and any time.

CapSure makes it easy to manage visitor access not only to multiple tenants in the same building, but also to multiple buildings spread across a wide geography. Web based tools make this possible and provide logins for all of the appropriate personnel.

Multi-Site Tools

  • Log In by individual, by site, by region, and global login and view
  • Schedule visitors to any site from anywhere
  • Reporting by site
  • Site Filtering displays only the site specific visitors at the check in point

Multi-Tenant Tools

  • Log in by Individual, by Company, by Location, and global login.
  • Great for Security companies who want to offer visitor management to their customers.
  • See all of the products and features for Corporate Campuses for a complete description of the functionality.