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    Residents appreciate CapSure’s powerful self-service functions, which save time and result in information that is more accurate. In addition to maintaining visitor lists, residents can create comprehensive profiles about their families and access a wide range of community resources.

    Specific resident functions include:

    Profile management enables residents to maintain information about themselves and their families, such as vehicles, children’s schools, and even hobbies. A database or personal information can be set-up for emergency personnel, and a pet database can quickly help to return lost pets to their rightful owners. Each resident can choose how much or how little of this information is viewed by other residents.

    Use Maintaining Visitor lists to identify regular guests, contractors, domestic help, realtors, and one-time visitors. Our unique Quick Tasks feature lets residents easily authorize visitors in the web portal. This method also reduces voice traffic to security officers and makes it easier for them to access the information when needed.

    Event management enables residents to build party lists by simply selecting entries from their visitor lists.

    Community resources include access to newsletters, community events, and HOA documents and forms. Community documents may include architectural drawings, documents, and photos that can be stored in residents’ databases as PDF files for easy emailing to landscapers or contractors.

    Photo Upload allows the resident to store photos of the entire family for security purposes. Stored photos allow security to process residents via the handheld if other means of access control are not available.


    Key Management allows property managers, residents, and owners to authorize who has access to keys. Keep track of who has a key, and ensure keys are returned as scheduled. The search feature allows you to know who is currently in possession of, or will be picking up, a key to the property.

    Most communities have a certain percentage of rental units. Some resort properties are often primarily rental. CapSure allows renters access to a personal profile as well as owners. Often owners as well as renters will need access to the community, and will need to schedule visitors and contractors. Files need to be accessible by security personnel in the event of an unannounced visitor or an emergency. CapSure allows both the renter and the owner to maintain a profile linked to the same property.

    A community may have numerous properties managed by multiple leasing companies. CapSure allows the management of one of many, and many of one. In other words, one management company can manage the affairs of multiple properties, and multiple management companies can have access to a single property. Another application for this is the case of more than one owner of a property who needs to manage various aspects of visitor and contractor scheduling.