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  • Scheduling and Delegation


    Visitor Management with CapSure is one of the best assets to using our web-based software. Along with maintaining security in your community or facility, you’re able to pre-schedule visitors, shipments, deliveries, and more, with ease. Always know who or what to expect, and when.At the heart of our many Visitor Management System options is Access Control. To keep things organized and running smoothly, we’ve made it easy for you to control who has access to your properties, and know where they’re supposed to be at all times.

    Any user can create a delegate in the system so that they can schedule visitors for other employees or departments. If an employee is not designated as a delegate then that employee only has rights in the system to schedule visitors for themselves.

    Self-serve kiosks are the perfect solution for visitor check-in at unmanned or busy entries. Kiosks significantly speed up repeat entry of visitors and vendors/contractors. The self-serve kiosk can scan driver’s licenses and print passes and badges. Information included on passes may include expiration date/time, visitor’s name, host’s name, and various other optional directives.


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