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    Security Personnel Benefits

    Web based system allows you to manage and monitor all of your access control activity through an easy to use web portal.
    Incident notifications, integrated video, and scalability allow you to manage activity across your entire network.
    • Area Lockout: Allows the system to prevent anyone who may have been contaminated in one area to enter another area and thus contaminate it. This can translate into a huge expense and lost time. This simple feature can save time and money and warrant the investment in a CapSure integrated security system.
    • Clearance Filter: Is a feature which can be used in a case where an area needs to be locked out to ALL personnel except those that are qualified. This can be done by changing the clearance level of the readers associated with the area and not having to change clearances to individual cardholders. This is a very efficient way for a security administrator to change who has access to an area without touching the cardholders’ database.
    • Mobile reader: The reader can operate in either a connected (wired or wireless) or disconnected operation (using local database) for transportation, classroom or training attendance, mustering, etc.
    • Access control can limit access to sensitive area and CCTV systems can help identify suspicious activity. When linked together with other systems such as intrusion detection, fire and public address systems the CapSure solution can become a powerful command and control application allowing users to detect, monitor and respond to events in the most safe and effective way.
    • Restricted Access: In today’s climate of volatile threat levels it is vital to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas. Electronic security can help achieve this. Our access control products have specific features designed to meet the needs of a business environments from the advanced monitoring of doors to reduce false alarms to the ability to have a portable reader that can be used to validate staff at remote areas where cabling infrastructure does not exist. If the identified threat level increases, the operation of the system can be changed to reflect this, meaning individual access levels can be automatically amended and security levels heightened. Beyond the security environment the access control system can be used to help in areas from Health and Safety by allowing only trained operators to use certain equipment to “green” initiatives such as “car pooling” where staff share cars to get to work and the access control system can monitor this to provide reports which can be used to help meet the carbon footprint target.
    • Cargo Theft: Effective remote monitoring of logistics such as the handling of cargo, trucks, trailers, demurrage, etc. are all crucial to smooth operations. With an integrated CapSure logistics solution all of the details about incoming and outgoing shipments are easily tracked and reported on.
    • Floor Plan overlays allow security personnel to monitor real time activity such as door opening, breaches, via a floor plan overlay. Clicking the appropriate Icon can activate the cameras in that area.

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