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  • Driver’s License Reading

    Driver's License Scan Screen - picture

    CapSure’s integrated Driver’s License Reader uses optical character recognition (OCR) which allows it work with licenses in all fifty states, making it a very effective visitor access scanning software program. OCR captures the driver’s name, address, DL number, and expiration date. And, it even captures the driver’s picture and stores it as a permanent record in the CapSure visitor transaction log. If DL scanning is enabled and a driver does not have a valid license, CapSure’s advanced logic requires the security officer to write a brief note if they admitted the visitor without a license.

    Driver’s License Reading will add approximately 15 seconds to the processing time for a visitor, assuming they have their license ready to show. Most communities that require a driver’s license, post a sign at the visitor entry informing the visitors that a valid driver’s license is required. And, in some states it is a good idea to post the sign in multiple languages to ensure the visitor access scanning process runs smoothly.


    Driver’s License Reader Demo       DL Reader Brochure