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  • Parking Revenue

    Visitor Scheduling/Notification of Arrival

    Visitor Scheduling/Notification of Arrival

    If you have a need to bill for access to your property, parking, collect tolls, or bill back your tenants for parking and access, CapSure has the solution. The parking revenue system can be implemented several different ways:

    • Busy truck stops and other facilities can provide the guest, driver, or pedestrian with a time-stamped credential that is presented upon exit to calculate the total charges for the visit or parking duration. The attendant can even make a deduction for purchases made while on site for merchandise, fuel, or other verifiable credits. The result may be reduced parking rates or even free parking based on the credits applied.
    • Some facilities have a need to bill their tenants for visitor parking. CapSure makes it easy to present a parking ticket to the visitor which can also double as a visitor badge. The visitor’s time on site is applied to the tenants account. CapSure makes it easy to generate billing reports and charge the appropriate tenant.
    • Residential communities often bill their contractors for access to the community. After all the contractors are one of the primary reasons the community needs security in the first place. And the contractor vehicles often cause damage to the residential community roads. CapSure’s toll system makes it easy to collect tolls at the time of entry and to sell long term credentials. In some cases, the money collected may be allocated to the proper community association at the end of the billing period. CapSure software attributes the tolls to the proper destination.
    • Resort communities often have numerous 3rd party leasing companies. And, these companies request parking passes for numerous guest vehicles. CapSure allows the leasing company to schedule their own visitors online, and allows property management to bill the leasing company back for the guest passes.

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