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    Contractor vehicles such as semis, concrete trucks, etc., are a burden on the roads within any community. And, many communities will tell you that one of the primary reasons they need security is to control the contractors coming and going within a community. Other communities charge for daily visitors such as those coming in for short term visit to a beach, restaurant, or park. Printed Pass Revenue Tracking can help a community offset the cost of operating a security force and pay for a substantial portion of repaving. Many communities recognize that during build out when contractor traffic is at it’s greatest, the damage to roads and security incidents also peak. Revenue tracking gives you the ability to charge for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual contractor traffic. Integrated with CapSure’s electronic access control and you have a seamless, integrated solution to bill and collect from contractors, visitors, patrons etc., and create an audit trail, while getting vehicles through the gates quickly.

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