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Self-Serve Kiosk

The CapSure Self-Serve Visitor Kiosk provides:

  • Self-Serve Check-in of Visitors at remote and unmanned entries.
  • Self-Serve Check-in of Visitors/Contractors to speed up processing at busy manned entries.
  • Optional compliance module requires visitors to watch a video, powerpoint, and even sign an on-screen NDA.
  • Compliance Module Administrator interface allows admin to manage visitors in or out of compliance.
  • Self-Serve Flow Chart

The Kiosk has the following functions:

  • Scans driver’s licenses
  • Prints passes and or badges
    • Credentials (badges/passes) have the ability to include a barcode to facilitate re-entry until expiration date
    • Passes can include directions to the property, expiration date, visitor’s name and host’s name
  • Intercom and video capability to a remote location


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