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  • Visitor Passes

    CapSure simplifies and speeds-up one of the primary functions of a gate security system: the processing of visitors through the gate.

    CapSure’s QuickPass function allows security personnel to verify the visitor’s entry privileges by entering just the first few letters of the visitor’s or resident’s name. The system takes care of the rest, automatically filling out the pass with the correct information and printing it in just 3-4 seconds on a high-speed thermal printer (which is much faster than laser or dot matrix alternatives).

    The CapSure solution also prints out, right on the pass, specific directions to the home from the relevant gate. This valuable feature provides a convenience to visitors and relieves security personnel of having to repeatedly explain directions to visitors.

    Each visitor pass is 4″ by 10″, printed on pre-perforated card stock. Passes can include an optional community logo or watermark. The date is shown in large, bold type for easy verification at a glance, and it also is printed in script to deter forgery. All information pertaining to passes is retained for queries and reports.