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  • Watch List

    Internal Watch List

    An internal watch list is a powerful tool to help facilities restrict known persons of interest from entering the premises. The CapSure Watch List allows the system administrator to create a profile of an individual and their known aliases, along with picture and date of birth. When security personnel are processing visitors either manually or by scanning a driver’s license, any hits against the Watch List will generate an on screen image of the identified suspect. And, security personnel must enter notes to indicate how they handled the disposition of this individual.

    External Watch List

    CapSure’s external watch list provides your property with a single platform for all of your screening needs. Whether you need to screen contractors, visitors, or employees, the external watch list helps you make informed decisions.

    CapSure has partnered with the nation’s leading provider of solutions to help organizations mitigate risk. The database reaches over 300 million criminal records from a comprehensive list of sources including county court records, state repositories, Department of Corrections, Administration of the Court, state sex offender registries, government and terrorist watch lists, and more. All hits are validated at the source with identity verification and final disposition status.

    CapSure provides you with selection criteria to allow your organization to screen from lists that are relevant to you. Our web based solution allows you to submit requests via CapSure and receive results in REAL-TIME.