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  • Teledial and Voice Mail


    Teledial Screen and Notification Screen

    Teledial allows the security officer to point and click to dial a host’s phone number. Guards may use a regular telephone, headset, or wireless headset to communicate with host. If the host is unavailable, he may simply hang up and dial the next number. Teledial speeds up the processing of unannounced visitors. There is theoretically no limit to the number of phone numbers a host can have. Hosts can prioritize the numbers that security calls.

    Voice mail integration enables residents, personnel, or management to leave messages for security personnel about upcoming visitor activity, eliminating the problem of busy phone lines and minimizing disruptions (taking calls) for officers who are processing visitors.

    Key functions include:

    • Caller ID recognizes registered phone numbers (such as residents calling from their home), eliminating the need for the resident to key in their number. Password authentication provides an extra layer of security.
    • Stored voice mails appear automatically as screen icons whenever an officer looks-up a resident or personnel name to process a visitor.
    • Voice messages are stored as WAV files. Listen to any message through the computer with the click of a button.
    • At the discretion of the community, residents can bypass the system and still reach security personnel directly. This is a valuable option for emergency calls and for residents who have questions or special issues.
    • Enhanced VMail: The system can prompt the resident to enter (through the telephone keypad) the date of arrival, (press 1 for today, 2 for tomorrow, or 3 for other options), and duration of stay. This date and time information will automatically populate the guard screen to further speed up processing visitors.
    • During idle times (if there is such a thing) security personnel have the option of listening to all of the messages in the system and entering them into the visitor processing screen for even faster clearance when the visitor arrives.
    • All messages are archived and easily accessed through the visitor transaction report for reporting security purposes.