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1. How long does it take to process in a truck or container? More.. mins.
a. How many trucks or containers are processed each day?
Total Time taken to process trucks/containers hrs.
CapSure can reduce this time by 50-80%. Let's use 50 % to be conservative. hrs. Svd.
b. Cost per Man Hour? $
Total Savings per day. $
c. Number of days worked per month?
Total Monthly Savings. $

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Once again, if you can free up some time, are there other duties this person can perform? If not, then this part may not be an issue to you. But if it takes multiple people to perform these duties and you can reduce man hours, this will apply. And, because CapSure reporting is all online, reports can be run from any PC with access privileges. Reports can be customized to suit your needs

2. This section concerns the amount of time spent looking through old records and/or trying to generate reports on incoming and outgoing trucks and trailers. More..
a. Estimated time per current report mins.
b. Number of times per month running reports?
Total time spent in running reports hrs.
Total Cost of running reports based on previous cost per man hour $
CapSure can reduce this time by 80-90%. Let's use 50 % to be conservative. $ Savings

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Because CapSure is web based, and all input is into a Tablet or PC, CapSure can eliminate paper transactions. Some customers have said they used as many as 14 different forms prior to CapSure. If you could eliminate paper, what are the paper savings.

All of this paper has to go somewhere. Maybe you keep it on site for some period of time, and then someone comes to pick it up and store it somewhere for you. What are your estimated monthly costs?

3. Paper cost ? More..
a. Number of Printed forms per transaction?
b .Cost per form? $
c. Number of transactions per month (taken from your number of trucks/trailers per day and number of days in the month)
Total Savings in Paper Costs (CapSure Eliminates Paper) 100% savings $
4. Storage Cost? More..
a. What are your monthly costs to store your paper and archives*. $
*There will be no more paper to store and archive, so this 100% savings

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It is not necessary to complete each step.Fill only those that are applicable.

If your records of arrival and departure were 100% accurate, allowing you to easily report on detention, could you save some money on penalties? If not, skip this section. If however, accurate reporting, and time on site reports would help you, this may apply.

5. Demurrage and Detention: If your facility is subject to demurrage and detention penalties, then complete this section, otherwise skip to the next. More..

a. What are your monthly costs for storage and demurrage? $
b .Potential savings through more accurate reporting?
Total monthly savings $

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It is not necessary to complete each step.Fill only those that are applicable.

Another way to ask this would be how many people currently process trucks in and out of your facility? With CapSure, each post would use a CapSure license. And, if you think that using CapSure may reduce your requirements in this area, keep this mind.

Tablets allow the officer to walk around the vehicle gathering information about the truck and to even take photos that are stored with the transaction log. The tablet can be used in a docking station and operate like a PC when not being used mobile. Tablet are ruggedized and stand up under the harshest conditions

Cost of Capsure

CapSure is generally offered as SaaS though it can be purchased. For the sake of this exercise we are going to compare SaaS costs to what you are currently spending

a. How many posts (points of entry) are processing trucks & trailers? More..
b .Would you like CapSure to provide a Tablet or PC for each post? More.. Yes No
c .Would you like to scan driver's license at your posts? Yes No
d. Would you like to print badges? Yes No
e. Would you like to print passes to go on dashboard? Yes No

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* Hardware costs have been amortized over a 36 month period. Leasing is available for a slightly higher rate.

Summary of Savings

Labor savings: processing trucks & trailers $
Labor savings: report generation $
Paper savings $
Storage Costs (paper forms) $
Demurrage & Detention $
Total Savings $
Monthly cost of CapSure including hardware*More.. $
Total monthly savings $
Comments:is there anything we left out? Any other savings that you see that we haven't thought about?'