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    Tracking (Package and Shipment Tracking)

    Track packages delivered to your property with ease. Check the package in and even snap a photo of the package with a webcam or the high-resolution mobile tablet camera to record the condition upon arrival. Send a text message or email notification to alert a host that the package has arrived and ready for pick up. Print a badge with a barcode for the package so that when the package is picked up you can quickly scan the barcode to check the package out. You can even have a host electronically sign when they pick up the package.

    Track shipment details using Custom Fields. Prepopulate any information for an expected shipment for security personnel. When the shipment arrives, security personnel will only need to verify that the information matches. Administrators and security personnel can then track the shipment and send cargo to a specific dock or warehouse in the facility.


    Use the Tablet PC to capture photos of shipment details including information such as tractor number, trailer number, seal number, etc. Take photos of the condition of trucks and cargo itself; these photos are stored permanently in the Transaction Log.

    Host Check

    Many facilities need the security of knowing when employees and contractors arrived and left the site without the expense of traditional access control. Host Check In/Out allows you to assign a credential to an employee or contractor in a corporate facility and even a resident in a community. The credential may be a barcode or proximity card. Users present their card to the reader and the system records their entry. A subsequent read, records their exit. Host Check In/Out is not used to open doors or gates. It is used to simply record entry and exit activity and provide reporting on the same.