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  • Visitor Management and Credentials


    Credentials (Visitor Passes and Badges, Barcode Tracking, Photo Capture)

    Properly managed facilities have written instructions on what to do in certain circumstances, known as Post Orders. Post orders can cover everything from how often to make the rounds, what constitutes a security incident, to visitor processing details. Visitor rules include:

    • Various visitor types
    • Maximum duration of passes
    • Maximum duration of visitors on permanent list
    • Mandatory Driver’s License scanning managed by visitor type
    • Which visitors can access certain areas, based on access control integration
    • Which details must be recorded about a visitor type? Some may be mandatory

    CapSure allows the site to set the parameters of operation for each visitor type. Security officers are no longer forced to ‘remember’ post orders in order to enforce them.

    Many facilities are concerned with egress tracking as well as ease of re-entry for visitors and contractors. CapSure’s integrated barcode printing system and barcode scanner make this an easy to manage process. It requires no additional time for the security officer to process a visitor. When a visitor arrives, the officer prints a pass as they normally would. With the barcode reader though, the pass contains a barcode with privilege levels. A privilege level can include the following:

    • Expiration date
    • Gates of entry/exit
    • Time of day, day of week privileges

    When a visitor wants to gain access or exit, they simply place their pass in front of the reader. If the read is valid, the gate will open. Keep in mind that if the community wants to control egress, a resident reader will be placed in the exit lanes as well.

    Visitors receive a printed ID badge with their name, host name, expiration, and even a photograph. The photograph is taken from a driver’s license or taken with a webcam. Expiration dates alert security personnel if a visitor is not approved to be on-site after a certain date or time; print badges on a 2-inch by 4-inch self-adhesive badge or on a cardstock badge that can be inserted into an ID holder or wallet. Badges can also have a barcode printed on them that can be used for quick check-in and checkout, as well as used for an access control credential.

    CapSure simplifies and speeds-up one of the primary functions of a gate security system: the processing of visitors through the gate.

    CapSure’s QuickPass function allows security personnel to verify the visitor’s entry privileges by entering just the first few letters of the visitor or resident’s name. The system takes care of the rest, automatically filling out the pass with the correct information and printing it in just 3-4 seconds on a high-speed thermal printer (which is much faster than laser or dot matrix alternatives).

    The CapSure solution also prints out specific directions to the property from the relevant gate directly onto the pass. This valuable feature provides a convenience to visitors and relieves security personnel of repeatedly explaining directions to visitors.

    Users of the system can upload photos to their profile to help administrators and security personnel become more familiar with their face and name. When processing visitors, a webcam can be used to capture a photo of the visitor that is stored permanently in the Visitor Transaction Log. If a visitor doesn’t have a driver’s license to scan, a webcam can be used to snap a quick photo of that visitor. The next time that visitor arrives; the photo is repopulated for the new transaction shortening the time of all future transactions. The photo is printed on a Visitor ID Badge in just a few seconds.

    Watch Lists

    Watch Lists

    CapSure’s external watch list provides your property with a single platform for all of your screening needs. Whether you need to screen contractors, visitors, or employees, the external watch list helps you make informed decisions.

    CapSure partnered with the nation’s leading provider of solutions to help organizations mitigate risk. The database reaches over 300 million criminal records from a comprehensive list of sources including county court records, state repositories, Department of Corrections, Administration of the Court, state, sex offender registries, government and terrorist watch lists, and more. Validate all hits at the source with identity verification and final disposition status.

    CapSure provides you with selection criteria to allow your organization to screen from lists that are relevant to you. Our web based solution allows you to submit requests via CapSure and receive results in REAL TIME.

    An internal watch list is a powerful tool to help facilities restrict known persons of interest from entering the premises. The CapSure Watch List allows the system administrator to create a profile of an individual and their known aliases, along with picture and date of birth. When security personnel are processing visitors either manually or by scanning a driver’s license, any hits against the Watch List will generate an on screen image of an identified suspect. Security personnel enter notes to indicate how they handled the disposition of any individual.