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  • Community

    Our software is the ideal solution for gated, guarded, and multi-tenant communities. We provide all the same features as CapSure Commercial software, along with property management specific tools that make daily life of residents, property managers, and security personnel easier and more efficient.

  • Commercial

    Our web based software provides peace of mind to employees, tenants, and property managers while making visitor access control management easier for security and administrative staff. CapSure visitor management software delivers impressive benefits, and allows for rapid visitor admittance.

  • Logistics

    Accomplish everything through one simple program. Our system eliminates the need for lengthy paper trails, and can be used to manage one or many locations. Easily track and process vehicles in and out, schedule and control visitor access, and create reports viewable throughout authorized departments.

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  • Benefits

    • Increase Security w/ real time visitor updates
    • Save time and increase staff efficiency
    • Comprehensively manage visitor and contractor data
    • Pre-schedule visitor for rapid admittance
    • Print vehicle and visitor passes in advance or at entry
  • "I'm sure every property presents a different set of challenges. CapSure was able to customize the installation and implementation processes to make sure their product worked the way we needed it to."

    -Jim McClarnon, Association Manager, Glen Oaks,West Des Moines, lowa

  • Does Your Community Struggle With?

    • Online, mobile & voicemail visitor registration to schedule visitors in advance
    • During the admission process, personnel can call to confirm a visitor's permission to enter a location using Teledial
    • Pre-populated printed directions specific to your community
    • Driver's license scanning to pull visitor information
    • Barcode tracking via a printed pass that tracks vendors as they pass through unattended gates to record exit and re-entry through a handheld or stationary barcode reader
    • Compliance module to require viewing of a video or reading of a document with a signature before entry into your community
    • Wireless, Tablet PCs to record security and incident reports
    • Perform lookups, searches & create a daily log of activity that can be easily passed from one security guard to another
    • Online reporting to make it easy to retrieve critical reports & run statistical analysis of routine community activity
    • Scan barcodes to automatically enter package information and notify the resident of the awaiting package
    • Take a photo of the arriving package to record the condition upon arrival to mitigate liability for damages
    • Electronic signature receiving
    • Barcode tracking coupled with daily reports ensure contractors are exiting your community according to your rules & regulations
    • Access control capabilities allow you to instantly lock down specific doors, entries, or your entire facility
    • Self-serve kiosks
    • Equip camera, intercom, pass printers & barcode readers to be managed by a single location
    • Display the remote attendant to still deliver the personal approach of a live security guard
  • Does Your Distribution Center Struggle With?

    • One CapSure form can generate any number of customizable reports
    • Administrators have the ability to generate countless reports detailing visitors, gate statistics, shipments filtered by specific date range, or create a special custom report with the Custom Report Generator, and so much more
    • Never re-enter information twice
    • Eliminates the need for lengthy paper trails and duplicate forms, accomplish everything through one simple program
    • Streamlined, efficient, and expedited high volume processing
    • Tablets are equipped with barcode reader or RFID reader to make it quicker and easier to check in/out vehicles
    • Mobility allows you to walk around the vehicle to record details and post them to a web based transaction record
    • High quality camera allows you take photos of specific aspects of a shipment
    • Know who scheduled and/or processed the vehicle(s) in/out at what entry point, and when
    • Input all custom field data required for collection, including photos, shipment details, carrier, etc.
    • Track shipments using Custom Fields: All necessary information for a shipment can be collected and stored for security personnel to simply check for accuracy upon arrival
    • Track the shipment and send cargo to a specific dock or warehouse in the facility with ease
    • Print badges with barcodes to scan shipments in/out
    • CapSure allows the site to set the parameters of operation for each shipment type. Personnel are no longer forced to ‘remember’ shipment processing procedures.
    • Integrated Driver’s License Reader uses optical character recognition (OCR) which allows it to work with licenses in all fifty states
    • Obtain the driver’s picture and store it as a permanent record in the CapSure visitor transaction log
    • Capture as much or as little information as you need about a truck, trailer, or driver with Custom Fields
    • Paperless processing and reporting
    • Truck check-in can involve many paper forms, Web Based software eliminates the need for paper processing and duplicate forms
    • Access and track shipments from any PC or mobile tablet within seconds
    • Check in/out frequent and repeat drivers quickly with Driver’s License Reader stored transaction log