CapSure - CapSure's web based software manages people and vehicle access for secure facilities and communities

Visitor Management & Access Control Tools

CapSure visitor management helps control access to communities, corporations, and manufacturing and distribution centers. CapSure tools Include:

  • Access Control Solutions
  • Driver’s License Reading
  • Self-Serve Kiosks
  • Truck/Trailer Check In/Out
  • Visitor Management

Visitor Management & Access Control

Explore how our web based solution improves physical security and operational efficiency.

CapSure’s web based solution means the program can be accessed from anywhere while being hosted on our secure servers, or in your own data center behind your firewall.

Integration to other databases makes the program simple and easy to maintain and keeps your data current.

CapSure’s web based visitor management and access control is the last program you’ll ever have to research for this purpose. After eleven years, 99% of CapSure’s customers have stayed with us year after year. Our web based subscription service is right for any budget. And, our commitment to constant and never ending improvement assures you that the visitor management and access control software program you install today will still be viable tomorrow.

  • Visitor management customers include gated communities and condominiums, and as well as corporate lobbies.
  • Access Control customers also include gated communities as well as any facility with a need to manage access to various entries.
  • Manufacturing and Distribution customers use our Logistics product to check trucks, trailers, and drivers into busy centers.
  • Schools use our visitor management solutions to ensure a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, visitors, and volunteers.

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