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  • Asset Protection

    Manufacturing and distribution centers concerned with Asset Prevention and Loss Prevention often have elaborate systems in place to manage Logistics; And, the word Logistics takes on many different meanings including the movement of goods from warehouse to warehouse, and optimization of the same. However, one area that is often overlooked is the simple act of checking trucks & trailers in and out of the distribution center. This function is often outsourced to third party security companies and they are tasked with greeting the vehicles with a clipboard and multiple documents to complete in order to check vehicles in and out.

    Truck check-in can involve many paper forms. All information collected on those forms can be virtualized for paperless processing and reporting. The information can be captured in Custom Fields and all information collected can be accessed in the Visitor Transaction Log. Trucks can be prescheduled in order to prepopulate Custom Fields with information about the expected truck. When the prescheduled truck arrives, it is then only necessary to verify the prepopulated information thus expediting the check-in process. Print wirelessly or use the Tablet to print locally and scan a Driver’s License of a Truck Driver. When the truck leaves, it is possible to collect new information about the outbound cargo and capture new photos while checking a truck out.

    Not all Tablets are created equal. Checking in trucks and trailers for loss prevention and asset protection is usually done outside, in the sunshine, rain, dust, and wind. Therefore it is necessary to invest in a rugged tablet that works in direct sunlight, resists water, uses Gorilla glass, and can dropped from at least 4 feet and survive the fall. CapSure’s got you covered on that too.