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5 Tips for Better Community or HOA Security

July 28, 2015 3:39 PM

A good security plan is imperative for a safe community. However, coming up with a security plan that works takes thought and planning to put into action. Check out these five tips to help you create great security measures.

Give Your Community a Clear Vision of the Security Plan

Build your security plan from the bottom up with a clear vision in mind. It’s easy to start hastily implementing new measures after a security issue. However, as this continues, your security fractures. Decisions are made and implemented without considering if they are really the right option or what the cost benefit might be. Whenever implementing a new measure, ensure it fits in with your overall plan.

Use Third Party Security Providers

Never use community members to provide security services. When you use a community member, it’s a conflict of interest and can result in major problems later on with other residents. Using third party security providers protects yourself as well as your community as a whole.

Conduct a Security Audit

You can’t create a functional security plan without an audit or assessment. An assessment allows you to see exactly what your security threats are. Without a proper assessment, you might more »

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The Doormat that Turns On the TV

July 31, 2014 7:08 AM

Would you have use for a doormat that could turn your lights on before you even enter the house? Or, would you like a text to notify you that the kids are home? Maybe, you’d enjoy a text to let you know when a package has arrived. Right now on Kickstarter, there’s a pledge drive for a new product called SmartMat, which does all that and more. If SmartMat is an indication of things to come, it is part of a wave of new technology. This technology will change how you interact with electronics around your house and will also help make the community more secure.

Just What Does SmartMat Do?

SmartMat is a piece of pressure sensitive smart-foam that sends out pre-programmed signals via wifi when different levels of pressure are put on it. It can be set to activate or deactivate electronics, or to send out a text message when different levels of pressure are applied. The sensors can determine, by the amount of pressure applied to them, whether the person on it is an adult, child, pet, or even if it is a package or other non-human item. It can then perform customized actions in response.

Though more »

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Securing Your Community in the Age of Social Media

July 23, 2014 11:06 AM
social media security

Is using social media making your community less safe? Before you dismiss the question, consider just how much your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites actually reveal. By revealing so many details of our personal lives and locations where we have limited control over who can see them, it’s possible that you’re putting your security at risk.

Is Social Media Putting Your Home at Risk? Consider this: how easy is it for someone to know when you will be away from home just by reading your Facebook feed? With summer break and summer vacations fast approaching, this becomes an even more important question to ask. By letting the world know that you are out-of-town, you could be letting potential thieves know that your home is the perfect unguarded target.

Stay Secure on Your Vacations

Turn Off Location and GPS Tagging: Letting the whole world know that you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away from home isn’t exactly the safest thing to do. Disabling location tags and turning off GPS tracking on your phone (some apps will automatically post your location if you don’t) is a good way to minimize your risk. Wait to Post Pictures Until You more »
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Loss Prevention & Asset Protection Tools for Distribution Centers

August 3, 2013 5:42 AM

Manufacturing and distribution centers concerned with Loss Prevention often have elaborate systems in place to manage Logistics. And, the word Logistics takes on many different meanings including the movement of goods from warehouse to warehouse, and optimization of the same. However, one area that is often overlooked is the simple act of checking trucks & trailers in and out of the distribution center. This function is often outsourced to third party security companies and they are tasked with greeting the vehicles with a clipboard and multiple documents to complete in order to check vehicles in and out.

The process of using pen and paper for this important function leads to numerous problems. 1) the information is often inaccurate, 2) the information must be duplicated from form to form, 3) the perception of Loss Prevention is nebulous at best and 4) all of this paper has to be stored somewhere making searches and reports tedious and time consuming.

The answer to this is to have the guard greet the arriving and departing trucks and trailers with a Tablet PC that allows them to gather the information that is specific to the site. One customer may need to check in Tag #, more »

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20 Hawley Student Housing

June 18, 2013 1:03 PM

20 Hawley Luxury Student Housing in Binghamton NY, recently implemented CapSure visitor management software to secure access to the premises. Utilizing driver’s license scanning and a database of all of the students in residence, the system helps manage access to the property and provides information regarding who is on site at all times.

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Data Center Security

April 8, 2013 9:10 AM

Echopass is the market leading provider of cloud-based contact centers in North America, serving large enterprises with up to 20,000 agents. To streamline visitor processing and provide enhanced security Echopass has installed CapSure’s cloud based visitor management software. CapSure’s software scans driver’s licenses using Optical Character Recognition and automatically sends a text notification to alert the onsite host that their visitor has arrived.

CapSure’s software is efficient, secure, and only accessible to users with the proper credentials. Reporting is easy through online tools, and a custom report generator. CapSure is a trusted provider of software to ensure data center security.

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CapSure & Association Voice Integration

April 8, 2013 8:56 AM

To streamline management of data and reduce data entry, CapSure has integrated with Association Voice. CapSure is a leading provider of visitor management and access control software to gated communities and condominiums. Association Voice provides Community Association web sites which is further integrated into property management programs. This combination simplifies management of resident data and all of the changes that take place on a daily basis.

Dunes West  in Mt. Pleasant SC recently implement the integrated solution and now has seamless access to data through Association Voice and CapSure and even to manage their access control credentials. All changes made in Association Voice propagate to CapSure and then to access control. Residents have a single ID and password to access the community web site and to schedule visitors through CapSure.



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Jonas & CapSure Visitor Management Integration

April 8, 2013 8:48 AM

CapSure recently completed an integration to Jonas Software at Lake of the Woods. Through this integration, the resident data such as names, addresses, and phone numbers automatically propagates to CapSure eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. As changes are made in Jonas, the change appears in the CapSure software within minutes.

CapSure allows residents to schedule visitors online rather than by calling security.

Jonas is a comprehensive club and association management software program.

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Parking and Toll Software

March 8, 2013 1:48 PM

CapSure introduces a unique Parking and Toll software application to allow busy truck stops, communities, and other facilities to rapidly check vehicles in and out. Provides accurate audit reports on all tolls collected. Tickets are time stamped and charges are calculated based on flexible parameters. The software even provides a tool to allow the site to apply a credit for purchases made while on site.

Parking Video (Click Here)

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The Heights at Porter Ranch and the CapSure Experience

November 12, 2012 1:40 PM

The Heights at Porter Ranch in Porter Ranch California, nestled in the San Fernando Valley, recently installed CapSure to control access to the property. Mike Goodwin, Head of Security had this to say about the move to CapSure and the subsequent experience:

‘We were able to make a seamless transition from our old program to the CapSure program, as we had both systems running for one month before went to CapSure on its own. The difference we have seen is the increase in speed that visitors are able to access the gate.

We looked at several programs over the years and the issue with all of them was adaptability.  We did not want to change our procedures to meet the programs need, we wanted to adapts the program to ours.  With Capsure we were able to do that.  In regards to security, the interface is very easy to use and the program does most of the work for the officer, freeing the officer to monitor the gates and cameras.’

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