CapSure - CapSure's web based software manages people and vehicle access for secure facilities and communities

Data Center Security

CapSure software helps control access to data centers, allowing only authorized personnel with the proper credentials to be admitted.

CapSure visitor management and access control software helps control visitor, contractor, and employee access to secure facilities. CapSure is a leader in the visitor management industry providing software to communities, Fortune 500 customers, data centers, health care, education, and many other industries.

Data Center Features Include:

  • Access Control Integration
  • Driver’s License Scanning
  • Check In/Check Out
  • Badge Printing
  • Web Cam photos of visitor
  • Permanent transaction log
  • Visitor scheduling by client company

CapSure is easy to install and set up.

  • You only need a PC, Laptop, or Tablet and Internet
  • Web based platform allows administration and reporting from an PC
  • Software can serve a single data center or an entire company with multiple branches/offices
  • Phone and email support, 24/7

CapSure tools:

  • Scan US and International Licenses
  • Print badges with an expiration data and picture of the visitor
    • Pictures may come from the license
    • Or, using a web cam
  • Alert customer primary contact that the center is being accessed in their behalf.
  • Build your own watch list
    • Former employees
    • Contractors
  • Integration to building access control system
  • Integration to CCTV
  • Pre-scheduling of visitors
  • Self-Serve kiosks available
  • Check In/Check Out (who’s on site reports)