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  • Rental Unit Access

    Most communities have a certain percentage of rental units. And, some resort properties may be primarily rental. CapSure allows the renters access to a personal profile as well as the owner of the units. Consider the case of a community that has a few rental properties and absentee owners. The owner as well as the renter will need access to the community, will need to schedule visitors and contractors, and need to be accessible by security personnel in the event of an unannounced visitor or an emergency. CapSure allows both the renter and the owner to maintain a profile linked to the same property.

    In other cases, a community may have numerous properties managed by multiple leasing companies. CapSure allows the management of One-to –Many, and Many-to-One. In other words, one management company can manage the affairs of multiple properties, and multiple management companies can have access to a single property. Another application for this, is the case of more than one owner of a property who needs to manage various aspects of visitor and contractor scheduling.