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Support Policy

Technical Support is provided to authorized CapSure Administrators according to the following table. Direct support for End Users (Guards, Residents, Owners, Members, Organizations and Vendors) is not included, but can be provided on a per-incident basis at the Hourly Support Rate (currently $120/hour). Please contact for more details.


Maximum Response Time

Bug Resolution Method

Severity 1


Problem with a catastrophic impact, including:

  • System-wide outage
  • All clients unusable
1 hour

(Business Hours)2 hours


Emergency resolution via beta file or script.

Severity 2


Problem with a serious impact, including:

  • Outage of a primary function
  • System-wide significant performance degradation
  • Conditional client outage
  • Some clients conditionally unusable
4 hours

(Business Hours)8 hours


Resolution via unscheduled software build or workaround until next scheduled release.

Severity 3


Problem with a moderate impact, including:

  • Degradation of a primary function
  • Outage or significant degradation of a secondary function
  • System-wide moderate performance degradation
1 day

(Business Hours)N/A


Resolution included in next scheduled release.

Severity 4


Problem with a minor or no impact, including:

  • Typographical or cosmetic error
  • Monitoring resolution
2 days

(Business Hours)N/A


Resolved via best effort.

Terms and Definitions

Business Hours are defined as Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM until 5:30 PM EST/EDT, excluding holidays.

After-Hours is defined as any time outside of Business Hours.

Response Time is measured from the time the first call is placed to the support team at 866-416-4800. Leaving a message in the support voicemail box is acceptable notice. During Business Hours, sending an email to is also acceptable in lieu of a phone call.

Policy revised 08/01/2013.

Message from the President